Avid Artist | I/O

Beautiful performance

Get the bandwidth, versatility, and efficiency you need to capture monitor, and output high-res media using your favourite video and audio tools. Avid Artist I/O interfaces offer extensive format support, enabling you to respond quickly to changing demands and deliver content to a wider range of channels and devices. With two interfaces to choose from, you can plug into any professional production, work with SD, HD, UHD, 4K, HDR, and surround sound content, and leverage such capabilities as Universal Mastering. It’s the smartest way to simplify your workflow so that you can complete projects faster. 

Future-proof your workflow

Avid Artist I/O interfaces offer extensive HD and high-res format support across two interfaces—Avid Artist | DNxIQ and Avid Artist | DNxIV. This flexibility future-proofs your production, enabling you to work with today’s high-res formats while supporting yesterday’s lower ones. You can also work with 2K or 4K media and deliver in HD with the onboard real-time down-converter, enabling you to transition to high-res at your own pace.

Get Connected

Avid Artist I/O offers a wide range of analogue and digital I/O to plug into today’s diverse media productions. Connect all of your gear—from 4K cameras, video decks, and UHD devices, to HDR and audio monitors, mics, and switchers. Each interface provides a different complement of connectivity, which may include SDI, optical, HDMI, XLR, RS-422, component, and other connections, to tie together your studio.

Have the power you need

The demands of 2K and 4K media can bring any video production to its knees, but not with Avid Artist I/O at the core. With high-speed Thunderbolt 3 connectivity available on both interfaces, you get the bandwidth you need—up to 40 Gb/s—to ensure the smoothest performance and operation. No matter how hard you push it.

Choose from two unique interfaces

While both interfaces deliver exceptional performance and reliability, each benefits different workflows. Avid Artist | DNxIQ offers the most extensive connectivity, plus Universal Mastering, for larger video post environments. Avid Artist | DNxIV offers quad SDI, and 8-channel surround sound monitoring in a portable solution for independent editors and smaller post-production and news teams.


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