Avid Dialogue Search


Intelligent media search. Simplified.

Speech is ubiquitous. That’s why it can be such a chore and challenge to find that certain clip you need from hundreds of hours of dialogue-heavy footage. Avid Dialogue Search makes the task easy. Simply type any combination of words or phrases, and Avid Dialogue Search will locate every clip that contains these spoken words in seconds—across all available storage and archives. And with its powerful metadata search and filtering capabilities, you can find and utilize media that would have gone otherwise unnoticed, increasing your media monetization opportunities.

Product Highlights


Getting started with Avid Dialogue Search is as easy as using your favourite search engine—just enter your search term and hit “search” to review results and preview any clip. Because nearly all media contains speech, Avid Dialogue Search can immediately add value to nearly any archive, without the latency, complexity, and expense of logging or transcription.


By combining Avid Dialogue Search with enhanced search and filtering of any available metadata, you can capitalize on all available information. Avid Dialogue Search's intelligent relevancy scoring algorithms prioritize the most relevant search results, leading you to the best possible media for your query.


With native connectors available for many of the leading asset management systems—and an open REST API—Avid Dialogue Search easily integrates into any production environment and can access media no matter where it lives. All you need is a single Avid Dialogue Search system, as it can search across multiple archives simultaneously, unifying your media silos.


A single Avid Dialogue Search server can ingest thousands of hours of content per day and can search over 100,000 hours of media in seconds. And if you need more power and protection, its grid architecture enables you to add additional servers to increase ingest speed, search larger archives, and provide redundancy.

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