Maestro | Branding

Superior channel branding solution

Capture and retain your audience’s attention while building brand equity with Maestro | Branding (formerly 3DPlay), an end-to-end channel branding solution that simplifies your production—from scheduling to air. It offers a complete set of tools to deliver captivating 2D and 3D real-time branding graphics for “coming up next,” promo over credits, squeeze backs, multiple tickers, and other visuals. Maestro | Branding works with all major automation systems and interfaces, and can be used with a single channel or multiple playout channels through a single user interface. Maestro | Branding is an efficient, frame-accurate, and scalable solution for even the most demanding broadcast environments.

Powerful branding capabilities

Maestro | Branding offers a complete toolset that enables you to easily create captivating, real-time, branding graphics for coming up next, promo over credits, squeeze backs, multiple tickers, and more. Using the action-based graphics controller, you can quickly combine graphics, content, and animation into a button (action) and define its behavior. You can then trigger the action multiple times using different data, which lets you adapt to unpredictable changes with greater flexibility.

Integrate your workflow

Maestro | Branding is fully scalable and can be deployed as a standalone configuration or combined with other systems in your production chain. The system integrates with all commonly used automation systems and can be triggered by automation, manually, GPI/O, or an advanced playlist. Maestro | Branding supports all commonly used file format clips in a wide variety of codecs. Plus, a fully customizable user interface enables you to create your own layout based on your unique production requirements.

Streamline your operation

Maestro | Branding features logic-based graphics that enable you to reduce preparation time and simplify production. You can set if/then/while conditions, so graphics will behave differently depending on the scenario. The system doesn't require scripts or programming, and you can create dedicated controllers using drag and drop methodology. Maestro | Branding can also interface to all common databases.

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