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MediaCentral | Production Management

Do in minutes what once took hours Today’s audiences want more content on more platforms. To help you meet that demand, MediaCentral | Production Management greatly simplifies and accelerates your entire media production workflow, without compromising creativity or quality. This fully customizable MediaCentral workflow module enables broadcast, sports, and post-production teams to manage the content…
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MediaCentral | Editorial Management

Collaboration made easy Built for post-production teams that need to find footage fast, collaborate easily, and create stories quickly, MediaCentral | Editorial Management delivers powerful yet simple workflow and media management. Completely integrated with Avid NEXIS storage and Media Composer, Editorial Management enables teams to search for media phonetically, log clips, edit video, pull selects,…
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MediaCentral | Graphics Management

Seamlessly integrate graphics across your entire workflow Bring powerful graphics management and access directly into your news or sports production workflow for faster content turnaround. MediaCentral | Graphics Management is a workflow module that delivers reliable asset management and seamless workflow integration across MediaCentral and the Maestro graphics production environment, providing easier access to production…
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Avid Dialogue Search

  Intelligent media search. Simplified. Speech is ubiquitous. That’s why it can be such a chore and challenge to find that certain clip you need from hundreds of hours of dialogue-heavy footage. Avid Dialogue Search makes the task easy. Simply type any combination of words or phrases, and Avid Dialogue Search will locate every clip…
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Interplay Production Asset Manager (PAM)

The necessity to meet increased competition and exploding demand for more content delivered in different versions to more platforms—without compromising creativity or quality—requires a better approach to media production. Interplay | Production manages and coordinates content creation, automates workflow, and empowers you and other contributors across your production and editorial ecosystem to collaborate effectively so…
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Interplay Media Asset Manager (MAM)

Interplay Media Asset Manager is a highly scalable and extensible platform from Avid Technology that provides quick and easy access to audiovisual content, automates workflows, and enables content to be efficiently reused, repurposed, and monetised. 
 Software Architecture Interplay Media Asset Manager is a distributed system of co-operating Web services, each contributing features to the…
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