Maestro | Channel in a Box

Robust channel in a box solution

Maestro | Channel in a Box (formerly Blend) is a high-performance, cost-effective, file-based solution that addresses today's broadcast workflow challenges. It consists of two independent modules—a video server and a graphics engine. The file-based video server plays back clips while producing a constant SDI output. The graphics engine plays out real-time 2D/3D graphics, with the ability to combine two other live video insertions. Because both modules can be controlled from the same interface, Maestro | Channel in a Box dramatically reduces your operational costs, as well as its footprint in your facility.

Work with greater flexibility

Maestro | Channel in a Box supports clip playback from all commonly used file formats and codecs, which can be combined on the same playlist—and even played back to back. In addition to clips and graphics, Maestro | Channel in a Box playlists can control other broadcast devices, including GPI/O, routers, and more. Any primary event in the playlist can contain “tied” events, which can be assigned to trigger those devices at any time.

Control playout with playlists

With playlists, you can control a channel using extensive capabilities. Edit and run playlists with primary and secondary events. Control both video and branded graphics from the playlist. Typically, videos are treated as primary events, with graphics as secondary events, enabling you to place an offset between the two.

Speed up your workflow

Got Media Composer? You can now use it to create clip segments and introduce graphics easily by setting Media Composer markers in a sequence. And since these markers store segment and graphic information, you can quickly schedule segments by simply dragging and dropping them into a Maestro | Channel in a Box playlist.

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