Avid Storage & Workgroups

  • Avid NEXIS Pro

    Avid NEXIS Pro   Store and protect your media   Bring value to your business & accelerate workflows How safe is your media? Are you constantly unplugging and re-plugging in drives to share assets across multiple workstations? What can you do to maximize your efficiency and get more of the work you want? By adding affordable Avid NEXIS | PRO Continue Reading...

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  • Avid Shared Storage

    Industry-proven shared and nearline storage systems for audio and video workflows Over 3,000 broadcast and post-production customers worldwide have made Avid their storage solution of choice. That’s because Avid Shared Storage provides absolute peace of mind with proven reliability, redundancy, and protection. With Avid Share Storage, it’s easier than ever to accelerate your production efficiency now, with room to grow Continue Reading...

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