iodyne Pro Data - The World's Fastest Thunderbolt RAID


The incredible iodyne Pro Data builds on Thunderbolt's breathtaking speed and daisy-chain expandability, and takes its amazing capabilities to new heights. With a staggering eight full-speed ports, there's no need to sacrifice peripherals: just connect your displays and other downstream devices to Pro Data, and boost your productivity without losing a single port.

Thunderbolt connectivity ensures Pro Data works with every computer and every app you have today, or might buy in the future. Pro Data is the fastest Thunderbolt storage for M1 Macs, and the fastest Thunderbolt RAID array. Use it to redesign your next setup, or supercharge your existing one.


For the past decade, Pros have been forced to choose between small, fast internal or external SSDs, or big, slow and bulky hard-disk RAID arrays. Not any longer.

Often, the most complex projects require both types of storage combined in a single configuration, along with Cloud services and backups. Pro Data is the first all-NVMe all-SSD Thunderbolt RAID device that combines multiple SSDs and multiple Thunderbolt port pairs in a single elegant form factor. Store all of your active project's assets on a single device, protected by RAID-6 and Encryption. Connect multiple computers in a workgroup or ultimate desktop or DIT cart configuration. Pro Data will redefine your next setup, or supercharge your current one.

With twelve lightning-fast NVMe SSDs, a 64GB/s PCI Express Fabric, 8 Thunderbolt ports, and incredible technology running on a System-on-a-Chip, Pro Data redefines Thunderbolt storage performance. For the first time, multiple Thunderbolt ports can be transparently combined to accelerate an NVMe Express storage workload. Pro Data is the fastest Thunderbolt storage, and works with any Thunderbolt-capable computer.

Through iodyne's intuitive and powerful design, all twelve NVMe SSDs are combined in a single storage pool sharing data and parity space. Create containers to keep projects and tasks organized and protected with configurable RAID levels.

  • Capacity - 12TB, 24TB, or 48TB
  • Expansion - Up to 6 devices can be daisy-chained per Thunderbolt port pair. Multiple daisy-chains can be created on computers that provide more than one Thunderbolt host port.
  • Connectivity - 8× 40Gb Thunderbolt3 ports: 4 upstream to one or more computers; 4 downstream to other devices and accessories

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