Avid releases NEXIS 7.8

A quick update Avid have released Avid NEXIS 7.8 This should now be downloadable from your Avid Account Product page.

Version Information

Release notes and additional information for the latest versions can be obtained from the Avid NEXIS Documentation page of the avid site.


General Information

General information about Avid NEXIS can be found HERE.

What’s New in Avid NEXIS 7.8

The Avid NEXIS v7.8 release includes the following improvements and new features:

  • Support for 10TB drives, to create a 100TB Media Pack, in all Avid NEXIS Enterprise (E-series) Engines. When adding 100TB Media Packs to existing Avid NEXIS shared-storage systems, put them in a separate Storage Group from other capacity Media Packs. Otherwise the extra capacity of the 100TB Media Pack is reduced to match the smallest capacity Media Pack in a Storage Group.

You can add a 100TB Media Pack to an Engine that is not fully populated yet. But before you do, Avid recommends temporarily removing any spare drives. After you install all the 10TB drives, make sure the new Media Pack is created properly, then reinstall the spare drives. This prevents the system from creating a Media Pack from a mix of drive sizes, resulting in a Media Pack capacity based on its smallest drive.

  • Support for Windows Server 2016 on client systems, able to connect to Avid NEXIS systems running Avid NEXIS v7.7 or higher, and ISIS systems running v4.7.5 or higher. Windows Server 2016 client systems can use the Edge or Internet Explorer browser.
  • Fixed an issue that caused corruption during specific read/write patterns.
  • Fixed an issue with filenames that contained a percent sign (%), which caused the System Director to crash.
  • Improved I/O flush times.


If you have any questions about upgrades or issues with your system please feel free to contact us.

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