Avid Media Composer – 1 year subscription


Avid Media Composer | 1 Year Subscription

With tonnes of new enhancements and improvements, cutting together a powerful story just got a whole lot easier.

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New Features

Edit with greater efficiently—just added

With tonnes of new enhancements and improvements, cutting together a powerful story just got a whole lot easier. Save time with new project-level mask margins. Experience faster and more fluid effects and colour correction performance when working with high-res media and other processing-intensive formats. Work with RED footage 4x faster with the new plug-in update. And quickly create a sequence based on a clip selection in the timeline.

Preview clips before commitment—just added

Wish you could review file-based media before actually bringing it into your project? Now you can with the new Source Browser window, which enables you to look at and listen to footage quickly and then decide whether you want to import or link to the media—right from the window.

Sound better with new audio tools—just added

Create bigger, richer soundtracks with over 250% more audio tracks than previously available. Work on sequences with up to 64 audio tracks. Create groups for easier handling and discrete mixing of dialogue, production sound, music, ADR, Foley, and sound effects. And automatically lower the music bed volume whenever a voiceover kicks in with the audio ducking feature. Plus, you can now nest multiple AudioSuite effects on a single clip for greater flexibility and more creative freedom.

Get better visual feedback when editing

Edit with greater precision—and confidence—with new high-visibility feedback displayed as you edit in the timeline. View clips in real time as you drag them around. See the impact your edits have on all affected clips and tracks with the new live trim update. Plus, you can now drag a clip directly onto the timeline to add a new track.

Take on dynamic HDR projects

Media Composer now supports high dynamic range (HDR) workflows, enabling you to edit and grade projects using new colour specs that display a greater dynamic range than standard video. Enhance colour and contrast to achieve more realistic, dramatic imagery, with exceptional detail in the shadows and highlights. And get support for Dolby Vision, Sony S-Log3, BBC/NHK, and ACES profiles. It’s a fast-growing technology—and an important way to future-proof your valuable content.

Edit faster with the sleeker interface

Working with Media Composer just got a whole lot easier with the newly streamlined yet still robust user interface. Access key tools and features faster thanks to several updates that make your software interaction more intuitive, productive, and fun. This gives you even greater efficiency so that you can focus more time on your creative storytelling.

Rotate images quickly with FrameFlex rotation

Forget to have to use 3D Warp; you can now quickly rotate images a little or a lot by rotating the framing box in FrameFlex. Horizontally straighten multiple sources at once. Reset the view for footage shot while the camera was upside down or on its side. You can even animate the rotation parameters in the effects editor.

Work with video over IP—just added

Get better system flexibility and interoperability by modernising your video workflow from SDI to IP (Ethernet)—without costly infrastructure upgrades. With support for the AJA KONA IP card, you can use your existing Ethernet network to ingest, route, monitor, and play out SD, HD, and 2K media. And because the card is built around the SMPTE 2022-6 IP video standard, it’s equipped to take on emerging standards, making it future-proof.

Experience better performance

Get smoother, stutter-free performance when scrubbing or playing back a complex sequence multiple times. That’s because all played frames—and all effects applied to those clips—are now cached in RAM. And with high core count systems, you’ll see a performance boost when playing back and rendering effects too.

Work with 8K and other high-res media natively

Satisfy your audience’s appetite for higher quality content. With native support for 2K, 4K, Ultra HD, and 8K media, you can acquire, manage, edit, and deliver content quickly and easily. Plus, get support for the most in-demand camera codecs, including Panasonic AVC-LongG—just added. And view 2K/4K media in its native resolution on a client monitor—in real time—using Avid Artist | DNxIO or any third-party Open I/O-compatible hardware.Work with 2K/4K media

Work without size limitations

With Avid Resolution Independence, you can work with practically any media in any resolution. Link to, consolidate and transcode media to any raster size—from 8K to custom rasters. Automate duplicating and parking high-res media into nearline storage using Dynamic Media Folders. Automatically transcode media to working editorial formats. And deliver high-res masters right from Media Composer, eliminating the need for a finishing tool.

Eliminate high-res challenges

Accelerate your high-res workflow, without blowing your storage budget, with Avid DNxHR. Work with a wider range of resolutions—from lightweight proxies for high-performance editorial, to more mastering resolutions for delivery, including 2K, Ultra HD, and 4K. Enable remote 4K collaboration. Plus, DNxHR is backwards compatible with DNxHD, as it’s built on the same extensible, standards-based media codec.

Get lower-cost access

When reputations are on the line, professional film and TV editors turn to Media Composer. That’s because it enables them to manage mountains of media, simplify workflows, and accelerate the editorial process. So they can tell the best story possible. And now it’s an easy fit for any budget, with a range of low-cost options. Choose a monthly or 1–3-year subscription. Purchase and own the software outright. Or get facility-wide floating licensing. The choice is yours.

Work faster and more easily with many improvements

Experience better performance in full-screen playback mode. Easily sync Broadcast Wave audio files with video clips with subframe accuracy. Add one or more custom columns to a bin easily through a contextual menu. Group and sync clip by audio waveform analysis. Find and filter effects faster and easier with the updated Effects palette. Rename, edit and delete custom project presets with the Preset Manager. And so much more.


System  Avid-qualified Windows-based computer 
 OS  64-bit OS: Windows 10 (Professional and Enterprise), Windows 8.1 (Professional and Enterprise) or Windows 7 Professional (Service Pack 1)
 RAM 8 GB minimum, 16 GB (or more) recommended
24 GB (or more) recommended when working with UHD, large projects, or in an interplay environment
Other See the Feature Performance page for more info

Windows OS Compatibility Grid

*PCs with more than 64 cores (including hyperthreading) are not supported at this time

System  Avid-qualified Apple computer
 OS  Mac OS X 10.9.5 or 10.10.x or 10.11.x (with Media Composer 8.5)
 RAM 8 GB minimum, 16 GB (or more) recommended
24 GB (or more) recommended when working with UHD, large projects, or in an interplay environment
 Other  See the Feature Performance page for more info

Mac OS Compatibility Grid


See more information on all system requirements and compatibility

See all supported media formats