Remote Working with Avid

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Remote post production workflows are now a must have. Avid have provided some great resources to help plan and implement remote workflows that suit your production’s needs.


How to Move Media Production to Remote Workflows
Here’s what production teams need to know about standing up remote workflows in the short term and transitioning to a cloud-based model in the long term.



Remote, Virtualized, Cloud—Huh?! Making Sense of Remote Solutions for Media Production

Remote collaboration options aren’t one-size-fits-all. This straightforward guide to the different types of solutions will help you make the best decision for your needs.



Remote Solutions for News Production

Ofir Benovici, VP, Media Enterprise, shares how broadcasters are transitioning to remote and distributed workflows to stay on air during uncertain times.

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Remote Solutions for Video Editing and Post

Dave Colantuoni, VP, Product Management, shares how post-production teams are taking advantage of collaborative capabilities even when they can’t be in the facility.

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Access a Full Virtual Editing Environment From Your PC or Laptop

Avid’s Michael Krulik breaks down our post-production workflow using Edit on Demand.

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Manage a Remote Broadcast Workflow From Your PC or Laptop

Avid’s Craig Wilson breaks down our remote broadcast workflow using Cloud UX and Media Composer.

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Manage a Remote News Workflow From Your PC or Laptop

Avid’s Craig Wilson breaks down our remote news workflow using Cloud UX, iNews client, and Command.

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