Avid Interplay Archive & Restore

DNA Evolution is the simplest and most cost-effective archive solution for Avid Interplay. Other solutions are based on an older Avid Interplay architecture and require a second archive database and transfer manager. It is a well-integrated archive option for your Avid Interplay environment and allows you to archive and restore directly from Avid Interplay Access and Avid® Media Composer®. DNA Evolution also offers a high-performance data path between Avid® ISIS® storage and LTO tape media.

The DNA Evolution integration with Avid Interplay gives you the most flexible archive and restore options. It allows for any Avid Interplay folder and its sub-folders to be watched; any new elements are monitored, and only incremental media files are archived. This enables multiple archive workflows such as: create an archive, drop a folder in Interplay, monitor an existing project, monitor an ingest folder, and monitor a send-to-playback folder.

DNA Evolution integrates via Avid Interplay Web Services eliminating complex and costly setups.

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