MediaCentral | Editorial Management

Creative collaboration made simple

Add powerful, simple-to-deploy asset management capabilities to your file-based editing workflow. MediaCentral | Editorial Management is the foundational component of the larger MediaCentral for Post solution, designed specifically for the needs of smaller post-production and broadcast teams working with Avid NEXIS. This workflow module for MediaCentral delivers enhanced collaborative capabilities, enabling teams to stay in complete sync, have greater control over their media assets, and turn around their best work faster than ever before.

Extend collaboration further

MediaCentral | Editorial Management adds a new layer of access to Media Composer and Avid NEXIS, making shared projects, bins, and media accessible to others beyond editors—without requiring Media Composer. Assistants, loggers, and other non-editors can perform media management tasks, greatly accelerating the ingest process, and search for and add media to projects—ready for the editor—using just a web browser. This also makes it easy for producers and directors to see what footage they have.

Save time and money

MediaCentral | Editorial Management dramatically expedites the process of finding and sharing media across Avid NEXIS or Avid NEXIS | PRO and multiple Media Composer workstations, providing better collaborative efficiency while reducing the cost of operation. Its core indexing engine and service keep track of all stored projects and media, so everyone on your team can view what’s available in real time.

Scale your workflow as needed

MediaCentral | Editorial Management easily scales to accommodate smaller creative teams of two to 24 users (or even higher), providing robust asset management in a more cost-effective solution. That said, its modularity makes upgrading to a full MediaCentral | Production Management solution easy as your team, workflows, and business grow.

Get super simple installation

MediaCentral | Editorial Management is easy to deploy and maintain, so you’ll be up and running in no time. It requires just a small server, workstation, or laptop to run, and leverages your existing Avid NEXIS user management and access control configurations automatically, so team members only see the workspaces to which they have access.

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