Interplay Media Asset Manager (MAM)

Interplay Media Asset Manager is a highly scalable and extensible platform from Avid Technology that provides quick and easy access to audiovisual content, automates workflows, and enables content to be efficiently reused, repurposed, and monetised. 

Software Architecture
Interplay Media Asset Manager is a distributed system of co-operating Web services, each contributing features to the overall system. These services can be freely distributed over an arbitrary number of servers, providing unsurpassed scalability and redundancy. The system is self-contained but open, following the principles of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Data Management
Data Management is the central metadata repository for Interplay Media Asset Manager. Standard or custom-configured multi-genre data models can be used, and result lists and metadata displays can be adapted to meet your requirements. Master data management and content-based authorisation are also supported, and plug-ins allow synchronisation with your organisation existing databases.

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